DM Craft Bait Boats

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DM Craft VIP

Our longest and most successful produced boat. Now succeeded and improved by the VIP Grand. Still in production, on request

DM Craft Executive

The largest boat in the DM Craft Bait Boat Family

DM Craft VIP Grand

The most sought after DM Craft Bait Boat. More maneouverable. Faster. More hydro dynamic. Capable of taking bigger batteries for longer runs. Bigger bait capacity.

Deluxe Versions

VIP Grand and Executive Bait Boats can be converted to Deluxe Versions.

Deluxe Versions include the following:

  • Electronic Speed Control with option of reverse
  • Navigational lights operated by remote
  • Failsafe function if signal is lost
  • Depending on remote, low signal alarm
  • Deluxe can be offered with a standard remote or with long range i6x remote